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With the looming climate and ecological crisis, could increased collaboration and a unified voice boost our community's efficiency and impact?

YES... and transparency is the first step towards greater unity, efficiency & impact is. 

Join Us

Local organizations addressing sustainability challenges can join Green County San Mateo, at no cost through June 2020, to build our community's foundation and receive these membership benefits:

  • profile in GCSM Directory
  • events on GCSM Calendar
  • engage in GCSM Internship Program (coming soon)
  • access to GCSM Help Wanted/Offered Program (coming soon)

(All are invited to Thrive Alliance's E&S TAGs -- run in partnership with GCSM.)

If your organization would like a formal relationship, GCSM can provide a 1-page Letter of Intent (LOI) that has simple memberships terms.

To continue, please thoughtfully describe your organizing using the linked form. Consider this a draft that will be reviewed by the GCSM Central Team before the publishing. 

Please prepare the following (~2 hours time) before you begin. To request support or ask questions, please email [email protected]

Step 1 - Provide Organizational Information

Other's in our community want to quickly understand who you are.

  1. Organization Name - as you want it listed
  2. Founding year
  3. Website and/or Facebook page
  4. Local headquarters city in San Mateo County
  5. Location focus - any of:
    • Coastside (Pacifica, HMB, surrounding areas)
    • North-peninsula (DC, SSF, Brisbane, Colma, SB)
    • Mid-peninsula (Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, SM, FC, Belmont, SC)
    • South peninsula (RWC, MP, Atherton, PV, Woodside, EPA)
    • All-the-above
    • All-the-above and beyond SMC borders
  6. Organization type - one of:
    • Business - for profit green tech entrepreneur
    • Education - high school or college environmental club
    • Government - ES teams within cities, agencies, districts, and county departments
    • Nonprofit - local group or regional chapter of larger organization)
  7. Sustainability disciplines - any of:
    • Climate (reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate consequences)
    • Energy (lower usage, increase renewables, improve resiliency)
    • Food (local, sustainable, healthy)
    • Land (preserve open space, increase carbon sinks)
    • Transportation (prioritize walking, biking, smart transit, and shared/EV miles)
    • Waste (reduce, reuse, recycle)
    • Water (clean, conserve, manage, reuse)
    • All-the-above
  8. Number of staff & volunteers (not 'supporters')
  9. Leader's name and contact info
  10. Additional contacts and contact info
  11. Other important information (optional)

Step 2 - Provide Mission Statement & Goals

Others want to understand the challenges you address and your corresponding solutions

  1. Mission Statement (50 words or less)
  2. 2019 & 2020 goals (150 words or less)

Step 3 - Provide Environmental Sustainability Programs Information

Others want to know the key programs you execute to achieve your mission (please provide each of top 3 programs or work categories).

  1. Program type, educational outreach, policy & advocacy, project/innovation
  2. Description - 150 words or less
  3. Goals - 100 words or less
  4. Activity dates
  5. Additional help needed to improve results
  6. Other important info

Step 4 - Social Equity Information

  1. Incorporation of social equity and quality of living into organizations programs (150 words)

Additional Info (not published & can be provided later)

To understand how we can help you increase your impact, the Green County San Mateo Central Team would like to know the following.

  1. Existing partnerships
  2. Desired partnerships
  3. Help needed for increased impact
  4. Incorporation of social equity and quality of living into organizations programs

Ready to Begin?

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