Thrive Alliance E&S TAG Meeting - March 2019

Food & Footprint: Sustainability in San Mateo County

Date - Wed March 20, 11:30a-1p

Location - Sobrato Center for Non Profits, Shoreway Conference Room, 330 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City

Description - Food & Footprint: Sustainability in San Mateo County – How food leaders across the county are practicing sustainable & humane farming, decreasing our ecological footprint, and promoting healthy diets high in local, seasonal organic agriculture. Six fantastic featured speakers, all experts and leaders in their disciplines. Excellent discussion followed.

Speakers (6)

  1. Claire Felong - President, Incredible Edible Mid-Peninsula
  2. Jayne Battey - Owner, Miramar Farms
  3. Kellyx Nelson - Executive Director, San Mateo Resource Conservation District
  4. Nickie Irvine - Bee Legal Coordinator, Beekeepers’ Guild of San Mateo County
  5. Peter Ruddock - Coordinator, California Food Policy Council
  6. Zia MacWilliams - Federal Children’s Nutrition Programs, Second Harvest Food Bank

Moderator - Doug Silverstein - Board Treasurer, Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame

Additional Attendees (26)

  1. Alan Mattlage - Citizens' Climate Lobby
  2. Amy Wilkins - Loma Mar Store
  3. Avana Andrade - San Mateo County Office of Sustainability
  4. Barbara Erny - Acterra, Physicians for Social Responsibility
  5. Bryan Chen - Sustainable San Mateo County
  6. Catherine Perry - Sustainable Pescadero
  7. David Crabbe - Sierra Club, Sustainable San Mateo County
  8. Diane Meyer - Acterra
  9. Esther Conrad - Stanford Haas Center for Public Service
  10. Gary White - Citizens Climate Lobby
  11. Georgia Antonopolous - Thrive Alliance
  12. Helen Wolter - Committee for Green Foothills
  13. Herb Moore - none
  14. Jamie Tan - self
  15. Janet Kay - UC Master Gardeners & Food Preparedness Santa Clara County
  16. Jay Bergman - Fossil Free Mid-Peninsula
  17. Joan Donovan - Citizens' Climate Lobby
  18. Kasey Butler - UC Master Gardeners & Food Preparedness San Mateo County
  19. Krysla Groshe - UC Master Gardeners & Food Preparedness Santa Clara County
  20. Larry Staley - Foster City Citizens Sustainability Advisory Committee
  21. Marty Jordan - Citizens' Climate Lobby
  22. Mike Brownrigg - City of Burlingame
  23. Samir Doshi - World Wildlife Fund
  24. Tiffany Tedosco - Second Harvest Food Bank
  25. +1
  26. +1

Quick Recap

The March 2019 E&S TAG convened six sustainable food experts to share their challenges and success with the audience of 27. Titled Food & Footprint, the program’s topics covered sustainable and humane farming, urban agriculture, and equitable consumption.

Notably, expertise spanned the entire food lifecycle -- healthy land preparation, responsible farming, transportation & preparation, thoughtful consumption, and leftover & recovery -- and exposed the complexity of collaboration necessary to reach a shared set of goals.

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